The complexity of the legal and regulatory environment is constantly changing as corporate law firms are required to account and be more aware of the increasing complicated risks and regulations affecting corporations, than ever before. Firms who do not constantly rethink their delivery of legal services come up short.

Snyman Attorneys are well versed in the latest developments of South Africa’s corporate law and are committed to delivering a great deal more, with less. We constantly challenge ourselves to provide our clients with transparency and predictability for their expense and ensure that the legal service they receive connects cost to the value.

This is why we actively partner with our clients in planning and executing legal situations from within their daily practice to anticipate legal pitfalls.  This allows us the opportunity to react quickly to legal issues and achieve the best results.

We support and give advice to companies, corporations and organisations in regard to:

  • Black Economic Empowerment
  • Companies Act
  • Corporate Governance
  • Choosing the legal form of a company

Our corporate attorneys aim to provide corporations with legal services that are easily accessible, rapid and usable in the daily practice.