South Africa's ever-changing commercial and economic landscape requires for constant adaptation to new laws and regulations for business and organisations.

As professional commercial litigation lawyers, Snyman Attorneys defends companies faced with complex contract disputes and advise on all areas relating to the negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements, and provide general commercial legal advice. Our diversified skills and experience are crucial in cases where the preparation and drafting of contracts require a versatile and cross-border approach.

At Snyman Attorneys we recognise the need to closely manage transactions and utilise all our available resources to successfully meet deadlines. Our commercial attorneys provide legal advice relevant to our client’s situation and are designed to produce success.

Our focus from the outset is on ensuring a trial victory even as we consider other ways to resolve our clients’ disputes. This trial-ready mentality produces successful outcomes both in and out of the courtroom often early in the litigation process.

Whether you are from start-up businesses, a highly profitable company or institutions our expertise and commercial awareness are your strongest suit.

Our team of highly qualified, innovative and decisive commercial lawyers provides comprehensive advice in respect of, and represents clients in all forms of litigation flowing from amongst others, the following:  

  • Construction
  • Insolvency
  • Corporate Recovery
  • Insurance & Banking
  • Contracts and Breach:  Including but not limited to contracts for lease and renting, sale and supply of goods and services, shareholder and related agreements, co-operative and partnering agreements, licensing, facilities management, agency, consultancy, outsourcing franchising arrangements, standard terms and conditions, confidentiality and trade secrets agreements and
  • Delictual and Related Civil Disputes
  • Evictions.
  • Environmental litigation
  • Product Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Professional liability cases.